My Story

I am a Board-Certified Coach and an NYU Certified Life Coach. In my fifteen years of coaching and thirty years of teaching marriage courses, I have helped clients overcome a myriad of challenges including anxiety, low self-esteem, spiritual confusion, feelings of overwhelm, marriage relationships, and a variety of interpersonal and professional relationships. Because I am passionate about helping people live life to the fullest, I cover these topics extensively in my blog, my speaking engagements, my book entitled, Look Before You Leap, and most recently in my podcast called, Be a Voice, Not an Echo. I am a Brooklyn resident, born and raised, and my high school sweetheart has been my husband for the past thirty-five years. Together we teach marriage classes and conduct couple-to-couple coaching sessions. We have built a beautiful life together that includes two wonderful adult children, a Maltipoo named Diamond, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Bella.

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

My Mission

As a coach, I am always listening for what you truly want and looking for any obstacles standing in your way. I will be your guide, your partner, and your cheerleader. Believing I cannot lead anyone further than I've gone myself, I am committed to living as large as I can and taking others along with me.



My husband, Thomas “Tom” Stafford, is a leader in all areas of his life. He served as a Sargent in the Marine Corp and recently retired from a thirty-two-year career in management at the New York City Transit Authority. His leadership skills and expertise in building motivated and high-performance teams is a quality for which he is often recognized and commended. He loves to let other people "stand on his shoulders" as he helps them excel at work, individually, and as part of a team. He continues to serve as a Pastor and Elder in our church and is known for how well he loves people. As a man of character and integrity, he has a wealth of wisdom to share with other men and is both a loving husband and an active father.