Look Before You Leap

A Simple Dating Guide for a Healthy Relationship

The concept in this book was born out of over 25 years of experience working with couples. Many couples said they saw red flags while dating but thought things would get better and change once they got married. Being in love blinded their eyes (or better judgment) of how marriage only intensifies those red flag issues. There is a real need for an understanding of what the dating and courtship experience is all about. We do more research when buying a car than we do in choosing a lifetime partner. "Look Before You Leap" is a simple and easy to understand guide to help single men and women know the different phases of dating so that they can make the best possible choice for their mate. You'll never look at dating the same.




Look Before You Leap is a great read filled with fresh, unique concepts that are practical for singles of all ages. I don't think you will find this anywhere else. This book is a helpful tool to help individuals gauge where they are in their dating relationships and acts as an aid in making sound, wise decisions in one of the most crucial areas of life. Highly recommend!!


Amazing and timely advice! Everyone should read this! It will help you navigate through the dating and marriage seasons of life while putting God first.


Regina Stafford reaches her readers in a concise and very practical way. "Look Before You Leap" is an awesome tool for singles and pre-marital couples alike. When we understand how to start off securely and healthy, the sky is the limit from there. This book is a fantastic tool and should be read by all singles!! Thank you Regina for having a heart for the singles community and the desire to see relationships and marriages be successful and healthy.